Cyprus - Israel. 25 years since the opening of the Cyprus Embassy in Tel Aviv

Wednesday 18th March 2020, 6:00 p.m., THOC Theatre, 9, Grigoris Afxentiou St. 1096 Nicosia



Michalis Sophocleous,
Director, Glafkos Clerides Institute, Member of the Parliament

Andreas Pirishis,
Former Ambassador, First Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus in Tel Aviv

Keynote Presentations

The evolution of the Cyprus – Israel Relation and its prospect in contributing to the region stability

Ioannis Kasoulidis,
President, Glafkos Clerides Institute, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus

Isaac Herzog,
Chairman, The Jewish Agency for Israel, former Chairman of the Labor Party

Presentations of the “Glafcos  Clerides Peace and Cooperation Award”

Posthumously to the late Alecos Michaelides
former President of the Parliament, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of th Republic Cyprus

Averof Neofytou,
President, Democratic Rally

Thanos Michaelides,
Son of the late Alecos Michaelides, CEO, Thanos Hotels

Posthumously to the late Shimon Peres
ninth President of Israel, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel

Nicos Anastasiades,
President, Republic of Cyprus

Nadav Tamir,
Director of International Affairs, Peres Center for Peace, former Policy Adviser to the late Shimon Peres

Reception will follow


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